How to Increase Your FUT coins in a FIFA Game

by Juan Leonard
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FUT coins or the FIFA Ultimate Team coins are the primary currency for the FIFA game. The FUT 22 coins are essential for developing teams and goals by choosing them from the leagues. There are several ways to get these coins for you to play the game. You can either earn them or buy the FIFA 22 coins from the iGVault virtual trading platform. The platform offers affordable and safe FIFA coins as well as other game products. We highlight ways of gaining FUT coins quickly below.

Ways of Gaining FUT Coins Quickly

FIFA coins are mandatory in the game to unlock new levels, choose players, and other vital functions. The following are methods of acquiring them.

1. Participating in Weekly Challenges

FIFA games have challenges provided by the FIFA Ultimate Team. Some appear when each game starts, and others pop up weekly. The tournaments provided vary depending on how well you understand the game, and a coin reward is given after completing the challenge.

2. Avoid Major Packs

Packs in FUT vary based on each player’s level. A major pack contains a lot of coins, for example, the gold pack. As a beginner, it’s advisable to avoid such packs and instead go for value packs that are more accessible. Since they want things to progress quickly, they tend to buy such packs, not knowing they are wasting their time. Major packs are ideal for top or best players who have amassed benefits already and have nothing significant to lose.

3. Squad Battles

Squad battles are an important way to earn FIFA coins if you don’t want to be part of the champions directly. One significant advantage of FIFA games is you can access them online or offline. It’s easy for a player to compete offline while in a squad battle and still earn a good number of coins. Also, they can be rewarded with packs of assorted players and other in-game items that are essential in the actual game.

4. Squad Building Contests

Several contests or challenges exist during the game; however, target those requiring fewer coins to succeed. In addition, you can take part in challenges involving unwanted players, where you compete with them and earn coins if you win. These challenges pop up at the beginning of each game, depending on your basic, intermediate, or advanced expertise level. They offer not only FUT coins but also better players to help you in your matches.

5. Investments

As a player, making suitable investments earns you more money. There are different things to invest in the FIFA game; however, players are the most significant. Players selected to be the following week’s team are a good investment because you get more coins as their value increases.


FIFA coins are a must-have when playing FIFA 22. There are multiple ways to earn them to improve your game experience and choose the right team for yourself as a player. Participate in challenges, join squad battles, invest right and stay away from major packs to increase your coins.

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