Huawei Awareness Kit- App Convenience Booster

by Juan Leonard
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Anticipating users` requirements and need is an essential part of giving your audience the most ideal app experience. This is what makes the Huawei awareness kit so important. Making use of their surroundings and current situations, it is possible to anticipate the needs of your users.

For instance, if your user lives in a high business area and seems to be embroiled in the business lifestyle, you could make needed changes. You could alter your app to send notifications on the person`s free time. Or the app could send notifications of ads and other items that might be of interest to the user.

What if the user is a lover of a particular genre of music? If your app can predict and regularly list out songs the users enjoy, then your app would experience a high retention rate. However, all that is easier said than done. How can you as a developer easily predict the users` needs? The Huawei awareness kit was designed to do that for you. the awareness kit is one of the leading components of the HMS platform due to its versatile application.

The Huawei Awareness Kit Overview

The Huawei awareness kit is coded with a capability portfolio. What this does is that it enables you as a developer to learn about the circumstances of your users. These situations vary. The particular information you need could vary greatly as well. But the information made available by this portfolio includes the:

  • User location
  • User behaviour
  • User headset status
  • User local time
  • Ambient light
  • Beacons close to the user, etc.

With this information, you could make suitable adjustments to coincide with the schedules of your users.

Service Applications of Huawei Awareness Kit

  1. Making travel plans. Certain apps have been tweaked to be able to remind the users of the weather conditions of the travel destination.
  2. Health Plans and fitness: With the information of the local time of the user and behaviour, certain adjustments can be made. For instance, if a user is a morning person then obviously the app would be tweaked to remind the person of his or her morning exercise or fitness plan. Additionally, relevant health tips and internet articles to occasionally be sent to the user.
  3. Study plans: User could be using their devices to study. If an app was able to sense the light intensity in the user` environment and make the needed adjustment that would be wonderful.
  4. Lifestyle Location Services: Based on a user` behaviour and frequently visited places, suggestions could be made in new environments. With the user`s permission to use location services, the app could automatically notify the user of places of interest around him or her.
  5. Customised Entertainment Setting: The app could be developed in such a way that it senses when the user steps into the car and hence automatically connects to the Bluetooth. This is of course on the precondition that the user would connect to the Bluetooth every other day. Identifying and connecting to familiar devices is also a nice app feature.


The relevance of the Huawei awareness kit is only as limited as one` imagination. With the services available via the Huawei awareness kit, developers are fully equipped. All you need to make your app as easy and convenient to use as possible is already available. It is now a matter of integrating such features into your app.

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